When trying to decrease the amount of electrosmog in your home, I always say that every little bit adds up.  Ground your computers using an ethernet cord, turn off the WIFI capabilities on your computers, cell phones and smart TVs if you can.  That is the trouble with some of the technology out there, it is becoming increasingly difficult to shut off the WIFI.  This means that when the device is on it is always searching for signals, pulling in electromagnetic fields (EMFs) constantly.  

What you may or may not know is that you are an electrical being.  Your heart uses electric signals to beat continuously.  What happens when you are bombarded from every side with EMFs and Radio Frequencies (RFs)?  This is when people can start to have arrhythmias.  Not sure why your pacemaker went wonky?  Could be the smart meter they put on the side of your home without your realizing it.  Feeling tired, cranky or worn out?  Think about it.  If you picture yourself, like a rat in a cage, and now put electrical signals throughout the walls, floor and ceiling of that cage, how at peace do you think the rat is?  How well does said rat sleep?  Does he get along with Mrs. Rat?  

I know that probably sounds funny to you but really I think it is a very simple way to express what is happening in our homes today.  We are slowly being fried.  A smart meter here, a cell phone signal there, Alexa here, and a smart TV there.  Signals, signals and more signals.  And are we really better off? I admit, I do love my cell phone so I have had to make some small compromises with how I use it, but I don't feel deprived in the least because I have had to ground my computers.  I feel blessed.  Blessed to finally be more at peace as I have brought down the level of electrosmog in my home.   

Stay tuned for a video that will show you all the adaptations that I made in my own home.  If you want, there are many simple things you can change right away and give your less electrical signals to be bombarded with.  


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