Pure Living 316 Offerings
Description of Services and Pricing

Home Safety Evaluation: Have you noticed the uptick in healthcare bills and chronic low-grade illnesses?  My evaluation of your home will detect sources of radiation that whether you are aware of it or not may be causing damage at the cellular level thereby breaking down the immune system. 
                    2 hour appointment: $250.

Nano particle Colloidal Silver for saleThis natural mineral supplement some call nature’s antibiotic. Can be sprayed, dropped, rubbed and ingested (ears, nose, throat, skin) when starting to feel under the weather or taken every day as a supplement.  I recently recovered my cat from "the Mange"! by putting some in her water bowl to drink every day.  Saved a ton on vet visits! 
 One quart: $50    One ounce Natural Breath spray: $5  
Three pack of applicators (empty): spray, dropper bottle, and nose sprayer: $15
Pick up behind Keller Town Center or I do meet ups or local deliveries for a small fee.
Available DFW area only:  Higher quality nano silver at half the price of Health food stores or even Amazon! 

Raindrop Massage: Placement of pure powerful Young Living essential oils along the spine or feet will rejuvenate your body and help bring up the frequency, thereby improving your level of wellness.                      
                    45 minute session: $125. Includes application of Raindrop Bundle oils.

Wellness Consultation: Evaluation of your current diet, stress and supplement regimen.  ITOVI scanner used in process to determine gaps in your body’s system(s) along with recommended Young Living products. Consult your physician if you are currently on any medications.  
               1 hour session: $50; complimentary after 3 months of consecutive orders.

Pilates Based Rehab: 1:1 instruction to help strengthen core muscles to help handle daily activities with more strength, less pain and better awareness of body positioning.  This is not Physical Therapy but movement therapy.  I will refer out if more specific Physical Therapy is required.  
                    60 minutes: $125 for initial consultation and $85 for follow up sessions. 

Far Infrared Sauna Session: Combine a dry comfortable heat experience in a two seater wood sauna, with your choice of an essential oil to work on relaxing, deep breathing and sweating out toxins from your body.  
                            30 minute session for $35  or package of 5 for $150

Aroma Freedom- I will lead you through goal setting and emotional clearing processes in order to help reduce stress and improve your focus. Goals may be centered around emotional, situational, physical or spiritual areas.  Don’t have specific goals?  I can help you determine those as well.

                    2 hour session includes appointment and set up time for next appointments: $125

10% discount given if you buy a package of three services.  If you like my services, please send people my way.  Gift given for referrals who purchase my services or products.  Thank you!  I really love to help people.               
 Grace and peace to you,   Paula Baron P.T.