Getting Well
 There I said it. Getting well.  Notice I did not say get well. Getting well is a process for sure, much longer than I care to admit but if I am not real with you about the time it could take then I think that I do a great disservice to you.
Could I suggest that you buy some lavender from me and expect heavenly results?  Well, I guess I could but that would be unwise.  Instead, if you will allow me to take you on a path that looks at a variety of areas OVER TIME, then I think that would be the most fair and give you the best chance at getting good results.  Excellent results even if you have the patience, diligence and commitment. 
What do I suggest looking at first?  Food.  No, not going to see what is in the fridge for dinner but considering changing what you put in your mouth every single day.  Small changes can yield pretty big results.  When I stopped eating wheat (gluten) for the most part 22 years ago I dropped the 30 pounds of excess weight that I had been struggling with for years.  
Now eliminating wheat is more than just a suggestion for weight loss but a necessary step to do if you want to feel well.  Remember that.  I don’t care if you have a blood test proving that you don’t have an allergy to it or even a sensitivity. The chemicals and processes that are used to make our modern day “food” are pretty atrocious.  
Next, I would encourage you to have me come evaluate your home.  What for you ask?  Electrosmog.  We are first off physical beings living a physical existence that is greatly impacted by all the negative airwaves around us- spiritual, electrical, and chemical.   Please ask me more about this if you are interested.  
Next, I would highly recommend getting rid of all the endocrine disrupting chemicals in your home.  What are those sources you ask?  Well I am glad you asked because there are many! The big hitters are scented trash bags, candles, bath, body and beauty products and household cleaners for sure.  I can show you ways to switch out these items and start making a change in your home to help support not only your body but the environment.  
Once we have established these baseline changes then we might start talking about lavender.  We actually could start talking about a lot of different options but if you want a personal scan that will help you to understand what is going on emotionally, physically and spiritually then I have an option for that as well.  Modern technology has created a way to read our body’s frequencies that is no less than awesome-ly amazing. Sorry, I know awesome-ly is not a word but sometimes I just have to coin a new word to help express myself.  
If you have finished reading this far then congratulations! It may just mean you are really ready to make a change for yourself, your family and those around you that you really love.  Changes as I am suggesting are not hard they simply take intention.  It is a beautiful lifestyle I can help you achieve but a person has to make the choices.  
I would love to help you on this journey towards wellness, in whatever order you choose but what I have laid out in this blog really makes the most sense.  God is a god of order. Order matters.  Why not start with the easy things first?  I can help you with that.  

Much love,



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