Inflammation! Is my hair on fire?
 How is it that my son could look so healthy all these years and yet a battle was flaming away on the inside?  

What do I mean by that?  
With Cystic Fibrosis the inflammation cycle is vicious and it is happening EVERYWHERE so that even though the person looks good on the outside, there are fires that need to be put out throughout the body.  
I am beginning to wonder if this is similar to what the C-vid spike protein does.  Cause inflammation on all fronts of the person’s system.  Seems to me a step by step clean out is in order.  
So, how does a person clean out every square inch of their body?  I think I would compare it to eating an elephant.  One bite at a time.  Yup, that’s it.  
This sort of information is what I will be discussing in my podcasts and group coaching.  Steps to get well.  You can take or leave what you want however I believe an extreme lifestyle just might be necessary to cure what ails you.  Honestly though, it is a beautiful lifestyle.  It won’t be for everyone but it surely will be for those who want to be well. 
Do you want to become well?  John 5:6 is the verse where Jesus asks the man by the pool if he wants to be well.  Why does he ask him that?  Of course he does!  But will we do what we must do in order to be well in a world where we have introduced so many harmful substances to our bodies and yet we expect it to function? 
Do we expect Jehovah Raphe, the Lord our healer to wave his magic wand to make us well?  He could but is that what will serve us best?  Will we stay well if we don’t understand what made us sick in the first place?  
Stay tuned for more from the desk of Paula Baron.


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