Looking for a better way to health?

 I wanted to be well, but didn't seem to be getting there, until I followed what He told me to do.  
Changes in my diet, environment and ways of living with electronics. 
Extensive use of plant based products and new ways of thinking. Pilates for core strengthening...
I take my Physical Therapy background, personal experiences and years of research 
to provide you with unmatched teaching about the foundations of health.  

Many services can be done online with a few exceptions.  
Now booking online appointments and classes taught locally in the DFW area. 
Office visits by appointment.

My Mission

I choose to live out the call on my life with honor and diligence, impacting people throughout the world for Jesus and pure living, serving with sensitivity, excellence and love.
I will be patient and persevere in order to educate as many people as possible about saving their health and at the same time preserving our environment.
Simple truths with profound results.  Pure Living 316...

Thank you for the part you played in my freedom from the bondage of cigarettes. Today is my 1 year anniversary!

-Allison D.
Paula is my essential oil guru, I appreciate all the tips and tricks she has taught me along the way!

Sara L. 

 What are you waiting for?