What if I were to tell you about a story of what seems like the impossible. Would you listen?  Would you believe?  That’s what today’s blog will be about, a story that while it seems like it would be impossible, let me tell you, I lived it and it is possible. 
Easy?  Far from it.  Quick?  Not at all.  Neverending?  It sure seemed like it.  But it did finally come to an end.  
What am I talking about?  A child conceived and born with two abberant genes for Cystic Fibrosis to a 43 year old mother who was already unknowingly infected with black mold from a house full of invisible spores.  I guess that right there could be miracle enough, but the story goes on much further.  

Our baby boy was born at 12:34 pm, a healthy 8 lbs 3 ounces however a code had to be called because he wasn't breathing and his skin was an awful shade of blue.  Thankfully his breathing was cleared almost immediately and it seemed like all was well after that until his night feeds.  It seemed like he was hurting.  

We got “the call” at two weeks saying there was an abnormality on the new born screen but the pediatrician assured us they often have false positives, so the hospital lab would run the test a second time for Cystic Fibrosis.  
Sure enough a week later, we found ourselves at a pulmonary clinic in Ft. Worth Texas, where we were told of all the grim details of a disease that was known to be progressive.  My husband at the time asked the dreaded question regarding our son’s life expectancy.  The doctor explained that it had been twelve years old but recently the average life span with someone having these genes was 34.  

I was angry, hurt, sad, confused, bewildered, exasperated.  I was numb and I was horrified all at the same time.  How could this be true?  This was supposed to be a pregnancy of redemption.  I had thought that for his whole pregnancy, but I thought it was just about me.  You see my life had been filled with serious abuse in my childhood and my first pregnancy was fairly rough.  So, I thought God had promised me a free ride so to speak with baby number two. 
That’s what happens when I don’t ask too many questions but go on my human natural minded assumptions.  I had been attending a church that operated in the prophetic, giving words “in due season” as it is called.  This is where someone tells you some insight into your life that may be true right then or in the coming years.  It is always a positive encouraging word, so I interpreted that my pregnancy of redemption would be a really blessed event from start to finish.  
What I learned later was that when something is redeemed, it is bought and paid for with a price.  This pregnancy was not a free ride but a blessing of difficulties that would later be used to help many many people, including myself. 

It would bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus and a God who did see and care about the difficulties they were facing when struck with a child having a potentially life-threatening disease. 
Our son actually looked great and grew well once getting on the life saving enzymes at that first appointment with the CF clinic.  But what we would come to discover when he was three years old was we all were getting sicker and sicker due to the invisible source of black mold and sewer gases coming up via the pipes in the bathrooms and kitchen sink.  
The builder did not cap off the main clean out and so the entire house had odorless unseen poison circulating in it for years while we slept, played, ate, and lived our lives until we couldn’t any longer.
After discovering the source under the kitchen sink finally, we fled the house and had to have it remediated and renovated.  A short four months later we were able to move back in, thanks to God and His amazing work of coordinating all the right people, materials and workmen.  
This would be the start of a 5 year process that seemed endless for our son with the sticky mucus and all the infections he was harboring but never showed up on throat cultures until he was four.  When “they” say CF is a silent disease, they are very accurate.  A person cannot rely on a throat culture or even signs or symptoms necessarily.  This is where I have learned how to be proactive from day one.  
The first thing I recommend when getting a diagnosis that deals with chronic inflammation like Cystic Fibrosis, is to consider all the environmental things that can be changed first.  I have written about them if you would like to go back and read my blog on your environment:  
There are several blogs that would be helpful, so feel free to click around and read more than just one.  
The second area I would tell you to address ASAP would be the amount of radiation coming into your home and especially take a look at the sleeping areas.  Click here for the blog that pertains to this:

After reading, I would be happy to help you in any way that I can.  I have set up a Zoom room where we can meet and I can determine next steps if you would like me to.  My specialty is being proactive, preventative but not perfect.  Perfect is too stressful.  But I can improve the odds of helping you to achieve homeostasis in your body or your child’s body which will help put it in a place to heal itself.  
Please return next week for the rest of the story…   Recovery from MRSA and Toxic black mold exposure.  
Thanks as always for reading and sharing this post if you find it helpful.  My goal is to help people world wide know about what we CAN do to fight this awful disease in as many small and big ways as possible.  

Much love, grace and peace to you, 

Paula Baron P.T.
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