What Do You Do About Your Electrical Devices At Night
 Have you ever thought about the fact that you don’t need ANY devices to be turned on throughout the night? Did you know with the new “smart” meters installed on our homes you constantly have electricity running throughout the walls in your home?  Well, not to worry.  

You can call the electric company and ask for what is called an “opt out”.  Yup, they will come and take down the existing meter and replace it with one of the older formats, a digital meter.  

This will be step one.

I live in an apartment, so although I cannot eliminate the electricity running through adjoining walls, I can have some rooms that have less radiation exposure.  My meter is the one on the left.

Step two, be sure that you are not sleeping next to any Bluetooth devices or cell phones that are turned on and thereby receiving cell signals all night long.  Think of it like this:  
 Cell phone: “Hey, where’s my connection?”  Sends signal.
 Cell tower: “Where are you?  I want to connect!” Sends signal. 

This goes on all night long.  If you are in an area of poor cell coverage you get an even stronger charge of radiation coming into your home, right next to your bed or even your head if you sleep with your phone near your pillow.  Teenagers are famous for sleeping with it under their pillow.  
Now there is the issue of magnetic fields and dirty electricity. If you sleep with your bed right up against the wall where your lamp and clock radio are plugged in, you are getting a constant electric field shooting off of those as well.  
What are the answers?  Pull your bed 6 inches away from the wall.  Test the wall outlets with a meter that will tell you if it is wired properly as well.  (see picture below).  

 Turn your cell phone onto airplane mode.  Your alarm will still work and you can still listen to any content you have downloaded.  I like to listen to podcasts as I go to sleep on Spotify.  I love that it still works in airplane mode!
The other thing to check out is the placement of any meters outside your home.  Is it on the same wall that backs up to your bed?  Consider changing out the meter but first thing you can do is move your bed.  Distance is your friend.  The benefit of how far away you move is exponential.  Don’t ask me to explain that, it just means the benefit really increases with every foot you move away from an appliance or meter.  

While some people do not recommend it, I often choose to shut down the electricity to my bedroom at night. This makes a world of difference in how rested I feel in the morning and my feet actually feel flat on the floor rather than slightly tense and not quite flat.  I also feel lighter in my spirit, like I have hope back again.  

Please do not judge the messenger, the effects of radiation coming from electrical wiring is real and me being sensitive is a gift to you, because I can warn you, even though you might not “feel” something is wrong.  Your cells know it.  I know it.  Now it is time for you to know better, do better.  
I know. I know.  Maya Angelou said the last part of the above paragraph.  It’s just so, well pithy!  

Love her.  

I hesitate whether or not to mention it but what the hay.  In my case, being highly electrosensitive required me to take yet another step in eliminating radiation coming into my bedroom from my neighbor’s weather radar as well as all the WIFI coming from the neighborhood.  I don’t know what else was coming in, but I decided to do an experiment of sorts.  
Picture 1:
This is my son’s bed canopy.  I have a queen size one but at the moment am choosing to sleep in his bed when he is at his Dad’s because on this side of my apartment there are less shared walls and therefore less radiation coming into this room.  
Inside it is sort of like a tent!  :-) 

Picture three & four:
You may choose to make a canopy frame yourself, as pictured here, I put PVC pipes together to form a frame about 4-6 inches wider than the bed to allow for clearance of the canopy.  I bought the canopy made of blok-silver material off a website that is based in England.  They are fabulous to work with.  
I do not collect any commissions from the sale of any of their goods, although they did mention sending me some air tube headsets  (more on these later).  I also bought some leggings and a sweatshirt lined with this material and after wearing them to a conference, my pain levels were much less than I normally experience after being around so much radiation.  
Picture five:
Here is my beautiful four poster bed, which I chose in order to easily hang the canopy over the top.  The only issue here is the canopy does not reach the floor completely so that it touches the grounding mat that is put under the bed.  I still feel the benefit is great enough and I still ground the mat underneath the bed (see next picture).
Picture six:
Grounding rod placed into the earth outside the window next to my bed and then wire is run back to the grounding mat and attached using an alligator clip. Cat's back side strategically placed to hide the dirt on the windowsill.  Cat not necessary for the grounding wire to work. (if you couldn't tell, this is my odd sense of humor popping up again!  #sorrynotsorry) For a grounding rod I simply used a tent stake and wrapped the wire around it before placing into the ground.
Picture 7: alligator clip attached to the grounding mat that is under my bed.  Mat received from same company I purchased the canopy from.  Canopy originally came with straps so it could be hung from the ceiling.
Side note: I’ve read where you can ground your mat using the electrical outlet however I found that this caused me to be picking up a lot of dirty electricity and I ended up getting a high body voltage.  Not good.
Picture eight:
Meter 1:  EMF meter 
Meter 2: EMF, RF and magnetic field meter 
Meter 3: Body voltage meter
Meter 1 is used to detect high frequencies such as WiFi usually put off by “smart” devices such as cell phones, blue tooth devices, smart TVs, Alexa (don’t even get me started) and the like.
Meter 2 is a less expensive meter that tests all three- EMFs or high frequency waves, RFs or electric waves, and magnetic fields.  I bought the ES124 which seems to do what I need it to.  I am by no means an expert on which device to buy. 
Meter 3: Used to detect the amount of charge your body is holding.  Ideally this would be a zero, particularly in bed as you sleep.  
My goal for all my clients, friends and family is to get an AWESOME night’s sleep EVERY night so the body can do what it is designed to do, heal itself.  
Please feel free to leave comments or questions in the chat on FB or on my website where the blog is posted.  
Thank you so much for visiting my site and reading my blog post, it is so important we all take responsibility for at least our own homes and further on whenever possible!  


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