Did you know that there are things you can change in your environment that will help your body to heal faster?  What are the “things”?  Where do I start.  I guess I could go room by room.  Yes, maybe I will start there.  

The bathroom: toilet paper.  Toilet paper? (TP) Do you use scented or unscented?  Partially recycled materials or no?  Whoever thought to read the label on a toilet paper roll?  I didn’t.  Until I had female problems, I learned that if I used pure wipes with a gentle essential oil for awhile my body would be able to balance things out more quickly.
Makeup, bath and body products:  Look at the ingredients, are you feeding your hair, skin and nails parabens (wax), SLS, lead, talc, formaldehyde or other questionable chemicals? Did you know your skin absorbs around 50% of what you put on it? What are you feeding your skin and thus putting into the circulation or depositing into the very cellular network of your body?
The forehead is the most absorbent skin on your body, other than your mucous membranes. Do you know you have sinus cavities on your forehead?  Mucous membranes are up to 300 times more absorbent, thus the previous paragraph on TP.  Shaving cream? Perfume or Cologne? Nasal Sprays? Moisturizers? Zit cream? Shampoo and Conditioner?  I could go on but you get the idea, the bathroom is full of products containing chemicals along with other chemicals that have not been studied together and are causing your body to work even harder to achieve homeostasis, not to mention possibly clogging the pores and passageways.

 Further than that though, if every cell contains precious DNA that is coding what it wants the cell to do, then why confuse it with chemicals that do not belong and it does not understand? Or worse yet, chemicals that impersonate another messenger.  Have you heard of phytoestrogens?  No, wait I meant to say xenoestrogens.  Fake estrogens.  Yup.  Up regulation of estrogen in the body can have many devastating effects besides the fact that higher estrogen levels are known to feed certain cancers.  
O.k. back to the rooms, the other two key rooms I would say are the laundry room and the kitchen.  Please, if you haven’t already, ditch the dryer sheets!  And consider a plant based laundry detergent.  If your clothing has melted plasticized beads on it from the dryer sheets or the fabric softener then you are feeding your skin plastic 24/7.  If you enjoy the fragrance of your laundry detergent then chances are so do your private parts, or do they?  300 times more absorbent.  I’ll just leave that there.  
The kitchen?  What residues are being left on your cooking utensils or the utensils you put in your  mouth?  Can you smell the chlorine from your dishwasher detergent down the hall? Then so can your lungs.  Once again, I just think of the DNA throughout your body getting messengers of the wrong kind from multiple chemicals that it wasn’t supposed to encounter, however due to man wanting to preserve the shelf life of products, you might be surprised at what you are allowing into your home and thus into your body.
Be the gatekeeper of your home and thus your DNA.  That’s the short story.  


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