Doing One Thing at a Time Repeatedly Could be Your Answer

Have you ever wondered if there is a problem with the signals that all of our convenient electrical devices use?  Actually, according to history, our health problems increased as soon as electricity became commonplace in our homes, around the 1930's.  

So, if basic electricity caused an uptick in health problems, what do you suppose adding in smart phones, smart meters, smart TVs and well, you get the idea, could have caused?  

Chronic health problems. 

What do you think would happen if you shut off the power to your bedroom or at the very least the WIFI system in your home every night for 8 hours?  Repeatedly, night after night, shut down the electric signals in your home.  

I bet you will be surprised at the differences you notice.  Would you mind coming back to my blog and report what changes you feel?  Even if you are not for sure, just come back and comment on this blog if you would please.  I would greatly appreciate it.  

Much love,  His grace and peace to you,

Paula Baron P.T. 


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