Have you ever wondered what the effects are from all the new gadgets in our lives?  You know, the smart phones, Alexa, smart watches, computers that can run without a cable to gather the data from the internet?  Then there are the smart T.V.s and then came smart homes even.  What many people are still unaware of is that we also have smart electric meters that make it so the man from the electric company no longer has to come to your home to read your electric usage.  
How is it that all this data is transmitted?  Well through the air waves of course.  Hmmm.  So what would that look like if we painted a picture of the inside of your home, or outside of it for that matter, with all the airwaves filled with electrical signals representing all the information traveling in the form of electrical waves?  I imagine the air would look full so to speak.  
And now, add your body into that picture and what would those electrical signals be doing?  Going around your body to get to the “target”?  Hmmm.  No, the signals have to pass through your body to get where they are going, all the time.  Twenty-four seven as it were.  Have you ever wondered how that might effect your heart considering it runs on electrical signals?  Or what about your nervous system?  Do you think that it is effected?  Yup, sure it is.  
How is it that all the electrical devices were approved for sale as if they were safe and would not impact our bodies?  It seems that the studies deeming these items as safe have used data that only reflects the damage that could come if the body were heated up, otherwise known as thermal effects.  We know that if you cook something for a long time the form is definitely changed.  The fact that our bodies are a very large receptor for electrical signals has not been factored into those studies.  Low levels of radiation that don’t heat up your body do matter.  
But, industry standards have set the bar so high that all the electrical devices that we enjoy the convenience of are deemed “safe”.  Or are they?  Actually there are 1,000’s of studies that would show otherwise but the telecom industry is still able to continue selling these devices that I will admit do make our lives so much more convenient and enjoyable.  The problem is however, our bodies are being impacted whether you feel it or not.  
My journey of discovering why I had so much pain especially in nerve pathways that had injuries many years ago was a long one.  It was not until my friend sent me a Youtube video that showed a man lying in a bed with a smart meter hooked up on the wall outside causing him to have heart arrythmias that I put two and two together that a little meter on the outside of my bedroom wall could be causing me such pain.  
Smart meters actually put out signals pretty much constantly 24/7.  There are electrical signals pulsating inside the walls of your house no matter if your electrical panel is turned off or on.  Dirty electricity is thrown off your outlets and through the walls of your home all the time.  How the body can handle it is hard to imagine.  The truth is, there are effects, but they may be subtle enough that you aren’t even aware that is the problem.  
When electricity was introduced in the late 1800’s and more commonly so into homes in the 1930’s, the level of health began a slow decline.  Now, with literally hundreds of devices that people use much of the day every day, our society has never been sicker.  Chronic illness is the new normal.  No?  Oh, but it is.  You may not recognize it in yourself, but it would be worth bearing a very good look.  
Have you gotten older and so tell yourself that the aching in your body is just normal?  Problems with brain fog or your memory?  How about your energy level? Do you wake up feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep?  Do you get a really bad cold every winter that sometimes goes into your lungs or sinuses?  
If you are not sensitive to the electricity as in you are having significant pain, your body may be suffering but in ways that you do not identify as coming from our electric world also known as electrosmog.  That back injury you had as a teenager seems to flaring up now in your older years, is that normal or is that electrosmog?  
My message is simple yet profound.  Find all the hidden sources of poison, so to speak, from our environment and eliminate what you can.  The difference in your health I believe will be quite significant.  It may take time for the body to repair itself, but my passion is to teach you how to do just that, get your body in the best position possible to heal itself.  This is how we were made, with a body so amazing and powerful, it can heal itself.  Now, we just need to position ourselves so that it can do it’s job.  
If you are interested in having your home evaluated for electrosmog and maybe even holding a class for your friends on the same, please reach out and contact me through my website.  We can change our environment one home, one person, one device at a time.  It’s time we start taking back our power and our health.  Don’t buy into the lie that aging must be so hard on the body.  

Much love, 
Paula Baron P.T.  

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