It has been a crazy amount of learning that has taken place over the last 11 years with my son being diagnosed at 2 weeks old with having the two genes for Cystic Fibrosis.  DD508. What I didn’t know then was, well, everything.  

Vitamin C is a corrector for the second step down from the gene if you will.  Similar to the big drugs coming out these days for changing the face of CF.  Would you believe me if I told you that Vitamin C could also accomplish this?  Read on if you would please.  

What I am going to share, I believe is only part of the puzzle.  The other parts of the puzzle for changing the face of CF will be in future articles.  One step at a time is how to impact CF and make lifestyle changes that will impact the thick and sticky mucous situation.  The longer you have had the thick mucous around the longer it will take to detoxify your body, but do not give up.  The results will be well worth it.  Change is possible.  Inspite of what you may have been told.  

So let’s get on with the layman’s summary of the science articles listed at the end of this blog.  Taking Vitamin C in functional doses in order to target the amount of liquid that gets into the surface of the airways in the lungs is what it is all about.  See, the body does not make Vitamin C, so if you are not taking it in a supplement you are missing out on a very important function that it does.  

Vitamin C  targets the lungs.  In other words, when you take it, it knows to go to the lungs as it’s primary function.  When it gets to the lung tissues it draws in water to itself thereby increasing the liquid on the surface of the epithelial tissue.  This is crucial in thinning out secretions.  

When this happens, it helps to correct the fold in the protein which is the problem created by the genes that cause Cystic Fibrosis.  

That is the very short story of why you need Vitamin C in your line up of supplements to take on a daily or twice daily basis.  My son took 1.5 g of vitamin C twice a day as part of his regimen making all the difference in clearing secretions.  That, along with many other bio-hacks that I will share in future writings.  Stay tuned… 

Below are the links to articles used to backup my writing here today aka references:

Disclaimer: Please do not take my blog to be medical advice, just sharing what I have done with my son and what the research shows.  Please consult your doctor when adding any supplements to your regimen.  


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