To Trikafta or Not to Trikafta? That is the question...
Being a public person, I am often asked about my thoughts on Trikafta.  (dramatic pause). 

This is a heavy decision, in my opinion, because of the weight of the possible side effects but also the potential gain.  When I make a decision it is always based on prayer and I hope that I "hear" right.  Although I don't hear an audible voice, I often get an impression.  But I guess that is not the scientific answer you were hoping for, am I right?  

Each family will have to come to a decision on their own about this potent drug because only they know the condition of their child and the weightiness of the side effects.  Recently, because my son has been taken off of the gluten, dairy free diet with lower sugar, his intestinal disease has advanced.  

It is only a matter of time before he would lose lung function.  Why is that you ask?  Because the gut and the lungs are closely intertwined.  You may not hear that directly at the doctor's office but they are saying it in so many words when they tell you that lung function is directly correlated with weight gain.  So my question to you is how much effort are you willing to do in regards to diet modifications and epigenetic support?  

Personally, my son is going through a discovery of new delicious glutinous foods and lots of dairy because his Dad doesn't understand why I limited our son all those years.  His taste buds have become accustomed to the processed foods and it has become harder to feed him healthy options as in the past.  Because of this scenario, I am guessing this is why I am sensing our son needs to go onto Trikafta.  

Stop gap measure.  

People are gaining large amounts of lung function in a short amount of time, so I am guessing it is because they are breaking up stool in the colon.  The gut-lung axis cannot be underestimated.  Improve the function of the colon and you improve the lung function along with the absorption of nutrients which then lead to weight gain.  Have you heard about the people with CF or with a child with CF getting concerned about too MUCH weight gain?  I have.  It is real.  Suddenly, everything about this person with two copies of genes for Cystic Fibrosis is different.  

And, they are being asked to eat more fat around the time they take the Trikafta.  Please hear me, fat is not evil.  Good fats are excellent, but to be considered a good fat, I would have to say it should be a plant based fat.  Dairy, peanut products and processed food containing rancid or hydrogenated fats are not good for the body and likely will lead to weight gain and inflammation.  

(in case you are not aware, Trikafta needs to be taken with fatty foods twice a day)

So, what have we achieved?  The trick with Trikafta, if it is needed will be to eat it with plant based fats (in my opinion) otherwise, after there is desired weight gain, it may be necessary to take a serious look at food choices.  

This is where I draw the line. I would have preferred to use bio-hacking to get my son to complete health but life is not always a clean easy straight path.  So, even though I am concerned about the side effects, I had to weigh in the risk factors that my son is facing right now due to his intestinal disease.  

Which brings me to the point, if you have an infant with two genes for Cystic Fibrosis, you can choose to make things different from the start and do the bio-hacking.  If you reach a point where it is not enough, then you may of course choose to move forward with a pharmaceutical.  Please hear me, there is no condemnation whichever way you choose, but understand if you are using all the supportive measures which I teach and endorse, it may make the dosage required of this medicine change.  Speak to your doctor about this.  

It is similar to a patient with a transplant situation.  The choice of whether or not to use essential oils in combination with having a new set of lungs will need to be made with their CF team.  I just pray that this would be an open discussion.  Pharmaceuticals are a wild card, so to speak and they can potentiate the effects of the essential oils.  Is this a bad thing?  That is hard to say.  

Again, educating our physicians on what happens with essential oils will be key.  

No matter, it will always be the best thing to use plant based products as your makeup, bathing products, home cleaning agents.  When looking at a person with cancer, it has been suggested to first get rid of toxic laundry products and candles. This is what I love about Young Living products, there is a solution to every toxic issue in our homes.  Please remember you are the gatekeeper of what comes into your home and it may well make all the difference for your DNA, hormonal system and digestion.  

It is just that serious.  


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