This blog is intended to give you articles that will help you work your way up to better health, whether it is through learning about the dangers of too much radiation caused by all the convenient electrical devices in use today or taking a supplement in higher doses than you previously did, as you begin to understand more about functional medicine and also depletion of certain vitamins and minerals in the body and in our soil.  Food is not the same today as it was 100 years ago and so we should not be expecting the same results from eating, a head of lettuce, for example.  

So hang on to your skeptability and open up your mind to a world where excellent health is possible.  Prayer will also be spoken of and so will God’s word.  I am a mixture of all these things which I will refer to as being a “bio-hacker” or practicing the art of BIO HACKING.  What this means in simple terms is short cuts to help the body function better, as it was designed by God, to heal itself.  

How much sense does that make?  Well, you don’t have to answer that yet, I will attempt to do that as I summarize great scientific articles, hopefully reducing the intimidation of where to start with your health or your child’s health, one “bio-hacking” step at a time.  

The first articles will deal with supplementation.  Getting the gut healthy is of utmost importance if the rest of the systems in the body are going to work right as well. If you don’t get this cleaned out it will be like trying to change the oil in your car without first emptying out the old oil.  Pointless.  

The other key to remember is that this process should not be done quickly.  If you attempt to get rid of toxic waste held in your colon that has been there for 30 years then you will feel like you have had a rat die inside you and you are working to extract him through a narrow passage way.  Sorry, was that too graphic?  

What I am trying to say is start slowly.  See how your body copes with having layers of waste removed from it’s insides and then slowly replacing the lost materials with high quality nutrient dense foods and high quality supplements at a higher dose than normal, to get you through as painlessly as possible. 


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