Dear John letter
Why is it I always seem to meet men who are emotionally unavailable?  Maybe it is because that is where I am at right now in my life. We attract what we think.   

I believe the Lord is showing me that right now and that friendships with stable, loyal women is where I need to "hang out".  Not with a man or a young man.  

Why do I say young man in addition to man?  Well, :-), I recently had the flattering incident of meeting a young man when he came over to buy my son's Pokemon collection.  Maybe that should have been my first tip off that he was a fair bit younger than me.  Pokemon.  Gaming.  The signs were all there, hehehe.  UPDATE:  o.k. so I learned he was actually a dealer in collections.  And no longer a gamer.  :-) Smart if you ask me.  

It's fun to be flattered by a sweet younger man with a slight accent that makes you wonder where he might be from.  He uses the English language beautifully, and it impresses me and attracts me.  But let's be real.  I am no longer 30 something.  Oh, I feel like I am, but truth be told I just might be in my 40's plus or minus ten years.  

So please know "Dear John" that I wish we could've had a "go" at a friendship or possibly a relationship of some sort, but right now I need to focus 199% of my attention on my boys, going back to work and getting ready for a court trial to save my son's health.  

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  ;-) 


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