Do you want more energy?  Wish you didn’t have to rely on artificial means to give you more stamina?  What if making just a few adjustments to your diet could make all the difference?  

Trust me, it can happen.  
When wanting to be more focused and energetic, the better I am about NOT having caffeine and NOT having sugar makes all the difference in how I do for sustained energy.  That and being sure to have three good meals a day with protein.  Plant protein.  
Sound impossible? 
Let me explain so that maybe you will give it a try for a week or two before you make a judgement. 
Eating a plant based diet is all about planning.  Or should I also say resisting the fast food lane when feeling weak and tired.  Plant based food prepared on a Sunday or Monday can be eaten throughout the week and the flavors only get fuller with time.  Because they are not artificial or processed, they will last longer than you might expect especially when seasoned with garlic.  
Garlic.  Garlic is a natural preservative and also a natural antibiotic.  It wards off intestinal insects and helps the body to process food better.  Didn’t know that about garlic did you.  (If you did, then please excuse me).  
In the coming weeks I will be hosting a friend of mine who is excellent at plant based cooking.  She makes delicious dishes and we will be putting them up on our Facebook group as well as Youtube.  
Simply sign up to join Pure Living 316 FB group and check off to follow us so you will receive notifications. Same for YouTube, you will find us under the namesake PureLiving316!  Subscribe, like and follow if you please.  You won’t want to miss our live cooking demo videos!    And other content based around holistic living that will change your life and quite possibly your attitude!  Lol.  A little health humor there. 

Seriously though, the content presented can really change your quality of life.  New videos posted weekly.

Much love, His grace and peace to you,

Paula Baron P.T.

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  1. Anndean Charles  10/20/2023 06:10 PM Central
    Thanks for bringing the awareness to better eating habits, better health and better you!

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