Curcumin and Genestein correctors of the CFTR channel

Today’s blog post is all about two herbs that were discovered quite by accident by one of our own CF mothers!  I would like to thank Sam, for her life changing discovery.  She was even able to get funding for a study, which in today’s pharmaceutical world speaks volumes for the importance of this herbal combination. 


There isn’t much to say about today’s topic, as the title says it all really.  Serving size and recommendations are all written out on a page I will link you to here at the bottom.  What I do think bears explaining here is exactly what the CFTR gating mechanism is and so it may help you to understand further about gene mutations and how we can influence them with herbs and other natural therapies.


Let’s start with the basics of cells.  Cells have DNA inside them which is told what to do by genes.  Genes can give good directions or as in the case of the CF gene, give bad directions to the DNA which then make malformed proteins.  More specifically, the proteins formed are folded and so cannot do their job properly, which is to travel to the edge of the cell and form a channel, in which chloride can properly flow into the cell which is important for proper hydration of a cell.  Not enough water in the cell equals thick sticky mucus rather than thin slippery mucus.  


While we are told this information about CF, what is not emphasized is the fact that we are a protein machine.  More than half of the cells contents are made up of proteins.  And if we positively influence the rest of the cellular content then we can have hope to thin out thick sticky CF mucus. 


The other missing piece of information that is not told, is that we can use natural therapies to influence the DNA thereby influencing the genes.  Notice we are not changing the sequence of the gene but influencing the DNA to work it’s best at silencing the bad information it gets from abberant genes like the ones causing Cystic Fibrosis.


The body is amazing in that it always seems to have a second or even third way to correct a deficiency.  If we even partially correct the first issue, we can also count on the other mechanisms to also kick into action in order to make cell function as close to normal as possible.  

 We want our DNA functioning as perfectly as possible in order to have the best shot at optimal cellular health.  This is the subject of my other blogs in this bio-hacking series.  Bio-hacking is a fancy word for biological short cuts to influence health via the DNA.  Of utmost importance would be my blog on how environmental factors influence DNA.


It all comes back to reducing inflammation so the body can operate at peak performance.  I would once again say a deep thanks to this selfless mother who gathered data and made a difference throughout the world.

We need more studies of her kind and we also need physicians who are willing to listen to the anectdotal evidence so that parents can have open honest interactions with their doctors about what seems to be working and what doesn’t.  Until then, we will continue to have a serious breakdown in care for our children with CF.

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  1. Hi Paula please could you email me more info about this? I have a 4 year old son with cystic fibrosis and I have not ever tried any natural remedies and have just been doing what his helpful CF team advice. My son is currently on pulmozyme , tobrymycin and is also taking creon 30,000. Thank you I look forward to hearing from you
    Paula Baron AUTHOR  04/13/2022 01:21 PM Central
    Hi Nabeela,
    Did you get my email with my follow up info?

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