When looking for research on MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) for Cystic Fibrosis it was hard to find.  In fact, I cannot say for sure that there is any.  But this brings up a good point that I would like to make anyhow.  It is important to know that just because something has not been studied in particular for CF does not mean that it should not be considered. 

The body works as it should in most respects when the CF genes are present.  The body is still responsive to many of the same supplements that people without CF genes can benefit from.  The obvious ones that we consider might be vitamin C or Vitamin D.  Stop, wait, I know you are wondering about the absorption issues.
That is where maintaining a clean intestinal system is key.  And this is where the problem comes in with many pharmaceuticals.  Phalates.  If you are taking a pharmaceutical you are most likely to also be ingesting phalates.  What are phalates?  Plastic.  Basically.  Phalates are a binder for pills and can also be found in everyday items such as Tupperware and toys.  Why is this material used for making capsules and tablets when it basically clogs up the intestines and causes all sorts of havoc?  
I honestly don’t know.  There are other ways of accomplishing the same thing.  Maybe it has to do with shelf life?  Or ability to withstand higher temperatures?  Stability of the product? Or is there a benefit to a manufacturer to give you something that then causes another issue that then requires another medication.  Nah.  I’ll save that for another time.
Back to MSM, boy that was a long rabbit trail on phalates.  Or was it?  The facts are, intestinal health must be working in order to get the best or most benefit from the supplements that you ingest.  The other consideration is the quality of the vitamin, supplement or what have you.  Whatever it is that you are trying to take and absorb needs to be in a highly or should I say readily absorbable state.  

That is the beauty of having a molecule like MSM combined with essential oils which help make a supplement more easily absorbed or more bio-available.  Some herbs can also help with this bioavailability.  
So in case you were wondering, there are plant foods that contain MSM but it is often degraded with cooking.  MSM is a form of sulfur and is the third most abundant mineral in the body and is commonly found with amino-acids which are building blocks of proteins, so it is a very important mineral!
Anyhow, once again, back to the point of MSM.  MSM is an awesome anti-inflammatory.  I have taken it for years and when I go off of it, I know it.  Now think of how much inflammation is caused by the excess mucus cycle in CF.  Excess inflammation is a constant problem, so once again, I recommend looking at a high quality MSM if you carry the genes for Cystic Fibrosis .  

I also recommend considering our modern world that is full of processed foods and sugar, I know they can be hard to resist.  Ugh.   As always I recommend dietary changes as the foundation to reduce inflammation and then adding in supplements, essential oils and certain tinctures to further help the body to function more normally.  

For years, MSM has been studied for diseases like arthritis and even lupus.  Think how you can benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects of MSM and you will not want to be without this supplement for long.  



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