When I was a girl, about 22 I would say I began to suffer with significant depression.  I actually don’t recall all the whys and wherefores but I wish I had known how a simple vitamin could help.  
What I do know is that I craved getting out into the sunshine and now I think I know why.  Vitamin D.
I believe it was the second year when I was on Facebook that another CF Mama posted about the importance of mega-dosing with vitamin D when our kiddos are ill.  Research does seem to support that Vitamin D plays a large role in aiding the lungs and the immune system somehow.  
What they don’t always say is how much is enough?  And my mind goes immediately to the thought of why not have adequate doses circulating in the system to aid with the issue of malabsorption and lack of sunlight that can occur if our children are in the home not feeling well or hooked up to a vibrating machine (or two)?  More on that later.
I will say now though that it makes me crazy all the time that is prescribed to be hooked up to devices when the time could possibly be better spent outdoors with our feet on the ground and the sunshine getting onto our skin.  Please, don’t shoot the messenger, I will support all that I write in later articles, including scientific studies. 
Anyhow, back to the vitamin D.  I can only share what I have done with my son and of course you will have to do your own research, but throughout my son’s life from the age of four, I began to hyper-supplement him with this vitamin.  
How much you ask?  5,000 I.U.s per day on average.  My son was sick and inside for many years due to recovering from black mold illness that nearly wiped us all out.  I remember not being able to even speak, we were so toxic at the end of being in our home before realizing we needed to flee.  More on that later as well. 
This was when I began getting extremely serious about my son’s gluten, dairy and mostly sugar free diet.  I could not believe how that diet along with good supplements including a tincture called Biocidin, could bring my son back to life.  We also used oral activated charcoal on the weekends to mop up all the bacteria we had killed off during the week with the tincture.
Not sure how I got off on that rabbit trail but, oh yeah, when I started to get serious about supplementation was after the black mold incident.  This was when I discovered the simple Vitamin D supplement.  
What I learned from a doctor that I was seeing was that Vitamin D was like a bank.  Put in multiple deposits and be sure to check the balance on a fairly regular basis.  Annually was fine for my son.  When I look back at his blood work, I definitely can tell the years when I was more focused on his supplements.  When he was getting the average 5,000 IU dosage/day his blood work showed he was in the mid 40’s ng/ml, when I slacked off it would drop back down into the 30’s which is too close to the lower end of the range for my taste.
I don’t understand why the recommended amounts of vitamin d would be so low, especially in a population known to have malabsorption issues as well as thinning of the bones and mood disorders.  


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