Change These Three Things and You Will Likely Wake Up Refreshed
 Do you ever wake up and kind of feel like your muscles are all sort of stiff or tight?  Do you feel well rested and ready to take on the day and all its challenges?
I didn’t either!  UNTIL I finally learned that just by making a few switches (pun intended), I would sleep much better and wake up feeling lighter and actually a little more hopeful. 
How can that be?  Why would shutting down the power and the electronics make such a difference?  Because our bodies are electrical beings.  When the body has full command without interruptions from electrical devices or power in the walls radiating out, it can do the job that it is designed to do. 
Rest, regenerate and recharge!  And then there is the third thing I have not told you.  Using essential oils before bed will help your body get an even better night’s sleep because of the nature of the oils.  Not just any oils, Young Living Essential Oils.  

I look forward to sharing some amazing stories in my upcoming membership group!  Community, classes and content galore!  Details to come later.  Thanks for reading!  
Much love, 
Paula Baron P.T. 
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