Herbs and Bitters and What They Do For Your Appetite For Sugar

When I started using essential oils 7 years ago I remember someone saying if you feel like the entire box of Oreo cookies needed to be eaten at one time then you might have a sugar addiction.  I also remember them advising “my friend” who had this problem, to use dill essential oil to curb the cravings for serious amounts of sugar.  

I just could NOT imagine that could really work or maybe it was just because I, ahem, I mean, “my friend” enjoyed her sugary treats.  The problem was, so did the intestinal bacteria in “my friend’s” gut.  Over time, what started as food poisoning became a cause for weight gain as the microbiome in her stomach went topsy turvy.  Yes, I know, topsy turvy is not exactly a medical term, but I am working to keep this blog to generalities, as that is probably most accurate and honest.  

My friend’s cravings for sugar intensified and so did her weight.  Weight had not been a problem for over twenty years but now, with the microbiome disturbed and the stress levels high, the pounds kept adding up.  Then, the hormones began to go off balance again.  Not addressing this craving had high consequences.  

When a person has a disease that causes chronic inflammation, the risk of infection increases as the body, although trying to protect itself may inadvertently now trap the very bacteria it was trying to effectively deal with.  Ironic, isn’t it?  

Adding to the inflammation by eating sugar just inflames the problem.  Pun intended.  #sorrynotsorry.  Seriously though, sugar and especially sugar combined with dairy compounds the inflammatory issue and there is not a lot supplements can do.  Hold the inflammation at bay?  Maybe a bit, but ultimately, it will take some specific initiatives if one wants to REALLY get rid of inflammation and therefore decrease the flare ups in diseases with potential for chronic inflammation, not to mention infection.  

So how does one address the issue of a sugar addiction?  Will power is a good start but I truly believe that there needs to be a shift in one’s thinking and then the use of herbs and bitters in a capsule or as an essential oil applied to the skin.

I know, you are wondering how do you shift your thinking?  “My friend” asked the same thing.  Hehe.  There is a process called Aroma Freedom Technique.  It has to do with goal setting and clearing emotions using the powerful molecules of pure essential oils that travel up into the brain via the olfactory nerve to centers in the brain that are known to be called the seat of trauma.   This part of the brain is more specifically called the amygdala.  

I am finishing up my certification in this area of expertise, so please stay tuned for opportunities to do some group clearings.  The more people I work with at once, the more cost effective it is for everyone.  If you simply cannot wait, feel free to contact me via Fb messenger.  

Much love, 

Paula Baron P.T.  

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  1. Good post Paula!
    Paula Baron AUTHOR  02/18/2022 01:44 PM Central
    Thank you Tessa! Nice to "see" you on here, missing our group. Hopefully we can grab a tea sometime soon!

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