What Exactly is BioHacking?
Have you been reading my series on ways you can get your body to heal itself?  Over the past 13 weeks I have been writing and posting a blog a week, each with a tip about what you can do to help your body be able to do what God designed it to do, heal itself.  

For example, when you see you have a scratch on your arm, you may or may not notice that the body goes through a series of steps to get back to normal.  First a red area will appear and if the scratch is deep enough blood will come out.  Immediately if the body is in it’s right state, meaning no disease or excess inflammation, then the cut will begin to clot and the inflammation in the area will show up to bring all the parts of the blood that need to be present to fight off infection and make sure the blood clots and eventually to close up the wound and lay down any new skin needed.  

Now think about if that area had diabetes and the person tended to carry a lot of inflammation in their body.  The cut would have more trouble healing up because there were other factors impeding or preventing the body from doing it’s job.  

It’s much the same when the body is bombarded by all the different pollutants in today’s environment, be it high amounts of radiation from all the electrical devices we use or high amounts of synthetic ingredients from our many bath, body, laundry & cleaning products.  

Now let’s say this person also ingests high amounts of sugar and takes multiple prescription pills.  More inflammation, more foreign substances that the body is already having to deal with.  

Now expecting the body to heal itself is, well, not quite fair.  So then we get irritated with our body and think it should do better.  Negative thoughts towards ourselves. 
It all matters.  So, to circle back around to the beginning, I have written a series of articles on things you can do to start getting the body better able to do what it was designed to do, heal itself.  Shut down misinformation and function as it should.  This is what bio hacking is.

If you want to go back and read my first 13 blogs at: 

 You will find everything from certain vitamins and supplements to decrease inflammation to information on how to decrease the harmful radiation from all your electrical devices, at least at night.  

In the coming weeks my blog will be taking a slight turn to focus much more on your thoughts, words, and beliefs. This is very much needed because the body definitely follows instructions, whether good or bad.  Please stay tuned.  
Much love, peace and healing, 
Paula Baron PT

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