To those of you looking for the second half of our story, after the post on black mold, I have unfortunately had to hold off posting for legal reasons. Thanks for your understanding.  Now for more on bio-hacking and the role of epigenetics in your health!  

In one of my former blogs I explained about the role epigenetics play in your health.  Today I will go into the explanation a bit deeper and explain to you on a very practical level why epigenetics matter and what it means exactly when you influence your body’s cells, thereby impacting the DNA which then can influence the genes.  

I hope I haven’t lost you.  I know I had to read over and over, the information I am about to share with you, so please don’t worry if you need to read it a couple of times. 

Let’s start with the information that doctor’s aren’t telling you, at least most are not.  You are not a victim of your genes and neither is your child.  Aberrant genes, like the ones for Cystic Fibrosis can be switched on or switched off.  I believe that is why we can see such a radical difference in twins, for example.  

But let’s say you are seeing manifestations of bad information being populated by the genes.  The genes are telling the DNA how to fold the protein and if the gene is an aberrant one giving bad information, then it needs to be down-regulated or hopefully switched off.  

The way I heard it said helped me.  Bruce Lipton said it; you are a “protein machine”, meaning yes, you have gene transcription information in every cell but the cells are made up of more than 50% protein.  That is a lot of cell content to be able to influence.  So, let’s not focus on what the gene is saying but instead, let’s see how much we can influence the rest of the cell's contents to hopefully switch off the bad information that the one gene is sending.  

All the ways to alter the information influencing the cells is called epigenetics.  We are doing things that don’t directly impact the gene but get there by influencing all the things around the gene thereby eventually influencing the gene itself.  

Let me give you an example.  Let’s say my son didn’t want to clean up his room.  I have a choice, I can go in and clean it up, doing all the hard work to manage the mountain of laundry and the plethora of empty iced tea cans OR I can speak to him and tell him of the benefits of having a clean room.  I can also let him know a clean room allows him to keep his car keys and use his cell phone.  

This is every effective, if I take away the car keys and the cell phone, suddenly the room becomes clean.  I have influenced the outer world to change the inner.  O.k. maybe that was a silly example, but maybe someone reading this benefited from it.  ☺  To finish that analogy, you noticed I first SPOKE to the “mountain”, I then influenced his THINKING, and then I changed my approach to taking some things away and the changes in his room occurred. 

Think of all the things you can do as I have suggested in my previous blogs (vitamin C, CBD, Vitamin D, decreasing exposure to damaging EMF, getting rid of products with synthetics, then changing how you speak and how you think).  All of these things play a role in our epigenetic environment.  It is your choice, what you allow into your home.  You can control at least the place where you likely spend the most time: your home. 

 It all matters.  

Every little thing you change can add up to a great change in the body’s ability to heal itself.  This is the role that epigenetics play in our body.  They are the outside influencers of DNA and ultimately can impact an aberrant gene.  

I saw it in my son and I pray the same thing happens for you.  

Please hear me.  Once you have worked hard to get all the changes in place, it does need to become a lifestyle.  This is not a case of take the pill so to speak for a few months or years and then you can go back to your prior lifestyle.  It takes diligence and tenacity but the results are OH SO WORTH it.  

I am not promising a cure here but a few things:  a great potential for change, less suffering, less dis-ease, less thick sticky mucus messing up the body’s systems, less hospitalizations, less medical trauma, and the list goes on.  I know what I speak of.  I have experienced it both ways so there is NO doubt in my mind.  

When we were going through cleaning our bodies out from the toxic mold exposure, it was a disciplined time, yes, but my boys actually never seemed healthier once the initial process was underway.  My older son had better grades than ever and my younger son was happier and better behaved.  

We must never underestimate (speaking to myself here first), the influence of our toxic world on our emotions as well as our health.  If we make enough changes in our home and even better share all this information with a neighbor, and they change their home products, we can influence the world.  One family at a time.  I honestly cringe every time my neighbor does laundry as I smell the strong synthetic fragrances being blown out of the dryer vent into the air.

If you are battling a disease, the last thing you need rubbing on your skin all day is something with plasticizers in them.  We know we absorb around 50% of what is put on our skin, and babies even more, so why would we use a toxic laundry detergent or dryer sheet and then wear the clothes or sleep on the sheets and expect it doesn’t influence our health?  Our skin is our largest organ, both of absorption and of detoxification.

Thanks for reading what is beginning to feel a little like a “rant”.  I certainly don’t mean to, I am just so passionate about how much influence we do have over our health and we are not being told that by modern medicine.  

Know better do better.  

I love you all!  Thank you for reading, if you got this far, you are a Rockstar! ☺ 

Paula Baron PT


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