The Benefits of Coconut Oil in Your Mouth and On Your Skin
Have you heard about the benefits of swishing coconut oil around in your mouth?  Some call it “oil-pulling”.  The benefits are many, similar to how using a mouthwash could be beneficial but way better.  First off I would like to let you know about the types and grades of coconut oil.  
When you go to your big box stores you are likely to find a couple kinds, but you will get even more selection at a health food store or you can do what I do and buy it by the 10 gallon drum at Costco.  Hehe O.k. maybe not 10 gallons, but you get my point.  Costco does everything bigger and IMO better, kind of like Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas!  Big hair, big trucks, uh oh, rabbit trail.  Sorry. 
Back to the topic at hand.  My recommendations are for food grade, unrefined, organic, whole coconut oil unless you are making your own capsules, then MCT oil.  MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride; this is what I would say is a modified form good for massage and making capsules, otherwise why not use the whole natural unrefined form?  The impact of a plant is always greater in the form closest to how it was created.  
So, back to the “Pull”.  Putting a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and pulling it forward and back, and side to side will have amazing power to pull out bacteria hiding in gum tissues.  It is good for the health of your whole body actually, as oral health is directly related to gut health and gut health is related to lung health and well, you get the idea.  Our bodies are intricately intertwined.  
You might find just swishing for a couple minutes in the beginning will be enough to pull up the unwanted bacteria.  It is super important that you don’t then swallow the coconut oil but dispose of it in a paper towel and toss in the trash.  I don’t want to take the risk of clogging up pipes when it turns back from liquid to solid form and you certainly don’t want to put that bacteria into your stomach.  
The mouth is considered a mucous membrane, right?  So, now onward to the other mucous membranes that could benefit from the soothing properties of coconut oil.  Your nasal membranes for example, and the lady bits or your “package” if you are male.  Sorry, I guess I could be more anatomically direct here.  The vagina, rectum and penis/scrotum are also considered internal areas aka mucous membranes.  This is because of the nature of the skin, so thin it has been said to be 300 times more absorbent than other areas of skin on our bodies.  
Wowza, hopefully that will make you think twice or three times what lubricants, sprays and gels you might be using in or on any of these orifices.  Have you read the bottle for the ingredients in your nasal spray for example?  Our bodies would be so much better off if they were not having to deal with all the synthetic products that we apply or have floating in the air that we then absorb into our systems via the nasal membranes, mouth or private parts.  
Think about it, laundry detergent, simple nasal sprays may contain preservatives, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher detergent, and the list goes on.  You may have already read my blog on household products where I tell the story of smelling a toilet and sink scrub product down the hall an hour after using it to clean my son’s bathroom.  
If our bodies are so busy processing, filtering and trying to get rid of synthetics it makes it a whole lot harder to do the job it was designed to do, heal itself.  

And in case you were not aware, mouth health is related to gut health is related to lung health!  We are a very intricate finely connected masterpiece.  Why not start with assisting your body to pull out unwanted bacteria?  

Thanks as always for reading.  Please consider signing up for my blog if you want to know more about the power of plants.  If not, you can come back each week for more information on bio-hacking your health.  In fact, next week I explain that term in more detail: bio-hacking. 
Grace, peace and truth to you, 
Paula Baron P.T. 


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