Epigenetics, a funny word isn’t it?  

Epi.  What does that mean?  Above.  
So, in essence the study or practice of epigenetics is working on things that are above or out of the realm of trying to correct the genetics but just fix or clean up all the other areas, to support the health as much as possible.  
But would this influence the gene?  More on that at a later date.  First let’s talk about what can be done to “clean up” the cells via various methods.  
  • Clean up your thinking.  “Huh? You say.”  As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.  So goes an old Proverb.  If you think you are sick and dying with a terminal illness then the body will be sure to go in that direction.  This is why it is key to be around people who think like you, that CF is not the death threat that doctors and nurses believe it to be.  

  • Clean up your thinking.  Oh, did I write that already?  Guess this one bears repeating.  It cannot be emphasized enough.  Kind of like God’s word where he repeats himself a LOT.  The word most often found in scripture is “fear”.  As in, do not fear.  You will find this word over 99 times in the Old and New Testaments.  Why?  It is detrimental to your body’s health.  Cortisol levels go up (a catabolic hormone), tissue breakdown is imminent and the immune system is suppressed when we are stressed or fearful.  
  • Clean up your language.  Isn’t that related to your thinking?  Well, yes and no.  If you are thinking negative thoughts all day about your health, you might as well be speaking curses over yourself or your loved one.  Although speaking has a whole additional level of impact on a person’s cellular network.  And you thought cellular networks were just for mobile phones?  Nope. 

  • Speak life not death.  The power of life and death is in the tongue.  Another powerful verse in the scriptures that gives us guidelines to live by.  This does not mean you have to lie or not speak about difficult things but the phrasing and the way in which you ultimately believe i.e. think about the health condition will also impact the cellular function.  

  • We are a protein machine.  Some people will lead you to believe that you are what your genes say you are. That it is all in the genes and the DNA.  The thing you are likely not told is that you can up-regulate a disease or down regulate it by things you do that impact the cellular network.  Please don’t give this disease more power than it already is given by the medical community in general that will tell you that your disease WILL progress and a limited life span is imminent.  

  • The cells are made up of more than half proteins.  Why does this matter to you?  Because you can influence the protein network to thereby influence the DNA which in turn can eventually influence the genes.  There I said it.  CF is not an incurable disease but it is one that can be influenced, it just depends on what lengths you are willing to work on it.
The questions that are begged to be asked at this point all have to do with the “hows” I suppose.  

How do I change my thinking considering what I have been told and what I have read online? 

How do I believe differently?

How do I influence the cellular network and why does that matter?  

When my son was diagnosed at a mere 2 weeks old, I already made up my mind that he would be fine because God’s word says that He heals ALL our diseases.  Now, I know that may not be your experience even if you are already a Bible believing Christian.  But, even without Christianity and the beliefs of the Bible, studies are out there that prove there is power in positive thinking and also in affirmations.  
A dear friend of mine sent me 7 healing scriptures to begin reading over my son when she heard about his diagnosis.  She said it was VERY important that I begin speaking these life giving words over him as often as I could.  And so I did as I rocked him to sleep at night.
She also told me that we needed to pray for a new beginning to my son’s life, as when he was born he was not breathing.  He was actually blue and not making a peep.  Immediately a code was called and it was as if the emergency response team was standing right outside the labor room waiting to come in when the call went out.  
After the excitement was over, I recalled how the Lord had told me to pray for the right medical personnel to be there at the right time.  I suppose I prayed this a few times before I was in my last month of pregnancy.  And boy did he answer that prayer in a big way.  There is a certain trust level that is built through experience with God, but I had never expected my faith to be tested and tried this long and this hard.  
Now think about how you are feeling and acting around your child.  Are you upset? Nervous as a cat? 
Please don’t shoot the messenger but there are so many things that we must realize are only making a situation worse.  That is why I recommend getting help- whether it be a medication for you or your spouse, and using calming supplements and essential oils to help create a calm atmosphere to care for your child.  
EVERYONE’s emotions matter.  Children are great hearers but not great interpreters.  They won’t understand why you are freaking out, just that there must be something to freak out about.  
The more technical side of epigenetics involves modification of the DNA without changing it’s sequence which thereby influences the genes.  This is all wrapped up in what I wrote about above and also in more detail on my former blog entitled “Environmental Factors that Influence your DNA”. You see, information goes both ways, not just from genes to DNA but from the DNA to the genes.  You may have heard of gene silencing?  That is the potential given to us but still is not being taught in our medical schools.  OR is it?  

Bruce Lipton, author of “The Biology of Belief” actually could no longer participate in a medical system that was not coming clean on the truth of how we can influence our DNA and thus our genes.  There is hope.  There is life after diagnoses with Cystic Fibrosis and I plan to tell you all about the process and the steps to work towards that end.  


  1. Both my kids have CF & we need help!
    Paula Baron AUTHOR  04/13/2022 01:20 PM Central
    Hi Vivian,
    I sent you an email, but am not sure you received it. I would love to help you and your children. Please message me again if you would and hopefully this time we will connect! Much love,
  2. Hi Paula I’ve just read your post about epigenetic
    We already saw a epigenetic physician but don’t know how to improve every day in our freakly life
    Paula Baron AUTHOR  02/16/2022 11:40 AM Central
    Hi Patrice,
    How are you? Long time no speak. Were you able to determine the cause of your daughter's stomach pains yet? I can definitely help. I understand your schedule is busy, just let me know, have you read my series on all the natural things you can begin doing on a daily basis? If not, I would highly recommend starting there.
    And, if you are ready now to start the CBD I can help. That is one of the ways to decrease inflammation.
    Paula Baron P.T.
    Paula Baron AUTHOR  04/13/2022 01:19 PM Central
    Hi Patrice,
    I wrote to you on FB messenger in response to your message. Were you able to find my various bio-hacking blogs? Please reach out to me on messenger again if you would like me to post some links! There are so many things you can start doing. Thank you,

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