CBD aka cannabis aka cannabidiol, what is it exactly?  We know it is from a plant and some people mistakenly think that it can get you high.  Well, to be fair, it can but it won’t.
“Huh?”  You ask.
I’m glad you asked!  What I meant to say was that if a company is producing it in a manner that is legal for most states then it will have been necessary for them to fully extract the component that people know marijuana for, THC.  
So, in summary, CBD comes from a plant and the hallucinogenic portion must be extracted in order to be legal, at least here in the great state of Texas.  Marijuana is legal in some states, so in that case CBD with THC might also be legal.  Check the label and your local laws when you go to purchase.  

But I am here not to tell you about buying CBD but about how it impacts the body.  The properties of a plant in its’ entirety will always be more complex than a pharmaceutical, which takes a plant and copies a component of it. 
Studies have shown CBD to activate vitamin receptor sites as well as cannabidiol sites.  Did you know we had a cannabidiol system in our bodies? 
What does that mean?  
It means that the body already has a system in place ready to receive this plant.  It is a potent antioxidant, is anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory.  It also acts as the key that turns the lock for vitamin receptor sites, mostly A, E and C.  
CBD is a food for your body, a plant food if you will.  You can ingest it in food, drops under the tongue and some choose to vape it.  I would not recommend vaping as the impact on the throat and lungs is questionable. Why do I say that?  I know a few people who vape and the impact can be heard in the tone of their voice.  That was enough for me to “just say no”.  I chose drops under the tongue for my son.
He LOVES the taste of the CBD oil that is mixed with a citrus essential oil.  I don’t do the mixing, it comes from a company that makes ingestible oils and the great thing, as I mentioned in my last article on MSM, is that essential oils make supplements more bio-available or easier to absorb. And yes, in case you were wondering, CBD is a supplement!
The other great effect that has been well studied is the impact on emotions.  Not only does it improve one’s sense of well-being, it has been known to decrease anxiety AND the state of our emotions in turn influences our mind which impacts our health.  
Please be sure to let your health team know if you are using CBD as part of your health regimen. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD cannot be over emphasized.  


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