When my son was just 2 years old his pediatrician found a heart murmur when we went for his annual “well baby” exam.  It sounded awful, as I pressed my ear up against his chest to understand what the doctor had told me was an irregular heart beat.  He said we needed to see a cardiologist, but before I could get an appointment, I was in to see my D.O. for some pretty severe hormonal imbalances and fatigue.  
I mentioned that my son had this abnormal heart beat and he told me I should give him magnesium and CoQ10.  O.k. I thought, I definitely wanted to do something right away and if it was natural then I was all for it.  
I ended up on Amazon, ordering a brand that had not only the Magnesium but also trace minerals.  I gave our son several doses throughout the day.  It took no time before his energy improved and if I am not mistaken, his heart beat was not quite as crazy sounding. 
When it came time to take him to the cardiologist, we had been giving our son the magnesium for at least three weeks.  She still heard a “murmur” but nothing like what I had heard.  She said it would go away on it’s own quite possibly and not to worry about it.  But, for whatever reason, if my son missed even a single dose of the magnesium we gave him twice a day he would get chest pain.  

At first it scared me but soon I began to realize there was NO missing even one dose of magnesium for him. This article I post below will explain how hypo-magnesia is an issue for those with CF.  

Dark Chocolate is high in magnesium
Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be a known fact by doctors that when a person has genes for CF, they are also going to need more supplementation than your average joe.  Vitamin C as I spoke of in my last article and Magnesium as I found out when my son was 2.5.  
Disclaimer: Please do not take my blog to be medical advice, just sharing what I have done with my son and what the research shows.  Please consult your doctor when adding any supplements to your regimen.  

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