Bowel Regulation Using Natural Supplements Rather Than Synthetics

When you consider all the natural plants and supplements that can get the bowels moving it has to make you stop and wonder, why do you usually get recommended to take a synthetic chemical produced in the lab that can also be used as an engine lubricant?  Hmmmm…
I don’t know why, or I guess I could surmise a few reasons but that is not the point of this blog.  The point of this blog is to tell you what I did with my son for many years and quite successfully I might add. 
When my son was young, maybe two years old, I found he was going downhill in the energy department. Now, I don’t think this was just because he was lacking in minerals but that definitely was part of it.  We actually had been living in a home that had black mold spores floating around and sewer gases, unbeknownst to us.  Invisible poisons that were changing the landscape or as some would say, the terrain of our intestinal microbiome, not to mention our lungs and skin.  
Sadly, it would be over 6 years before we discovered it and this time included the conception and birth of our second son who was diagnosed with the two genes for Cystic Fibrosis at a mere 2 weeks old.  Maybe you are familiar with that?  By that I mean, the phone call that turned your world seemingly upside down.  
When he was just over three and our older son just over 8 years old, we would finally discover the reason we were all getting ill.  Mold.  Before the discovery however, I discovered the beauty of liquid minerals, containing mostly magnesium but also trace minerals important for cellular health as well as energy and GI motility.  
My son would take this for several years until he could take capsules. But then I also had to find a replacement for the minerals.  But this may be a little off course.   The point I am trying to get across is that the importance of magnesium and other minerals to keep the body properly functioning cannot be underestimated.  
This includes the significant issue of bowel motility.  If changing the diet does not take care of the issue, then it bears considering what else the body needs to function at it’s best.  Magnesium.  Vitamin C.  Vitamin D.  CBD.  Yes, CBD.  All of these nutraceuticals (fancy word for food supplements or vitamin supplements) help to keep the functions of the body, well, functioning!  
What if the slow down of the bowels is not due to sticky mucus but actually due to a lack of vitamins and minerals that a normal body needs and the person with CF genes may need even a bit more due to absorption issues and/or sticky mucus?
This is where it is critical to watch and observe the function of the GI tract, the sooner in life you keep this moving the better for the health of the child.  Epsom salts are largely comprised of magnesium, so why not give a baby a bath in Epsom salts?  It can help your child also get a great night’s sleep as well as get magnesium into the body through the skin, thereby skipping the GI tract.  It is calming and can help with your child’s emotions as well.  Put a drop of lavender into the salts and you also help the child relax and feel that all is well.  
The other neutraeutical that is helpful for moving things along is vitamin C.  The body does not make Vitamin C so it is important that a person gets enough through food and supplementation.  Some say you cannot take too much Vitamin C, but I do think there is a balance.  It also matters the source of the vitamin C and how it is processed.  
Last, pure powerful essential oils used consistently over time will also help keep the motility closer to normal.  There are several different options for which oils will help, but a few of my favorites are fennel and cardamom.  Herbs are similar to essential oils but not as powerful as a combination of the two.
This is what I have discovered after studying the oils and using them with myself and my son to help us keep our digestive systems regulated.  It is important to know the source of the oils you are using and how to use them safely.  That is what I love to do.  Help people do things more naturally.  
If this interests you, please feel free to reach out to me via FB messenger or through my contact page at  God gave us all we needed to expectorate, facilitate and break up fecal matter in the intestines and really, mucus throughout the body.  It is just a case of knowing how to do it with wisdom, safety and in amounts that will get you the desired result.    
Please reach out to me if you have any questions.  
Much love and thanks for reading, 
Paula Baron P.T.


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