Second Chances: Entry #8 God Wants You Well

As I look back to all the things that I have had to go through, the hardest part was waiting for God to move how I thought He should move. What do I mean by that? I had certain expectations of how God should act or behave if you will. You know, the magic Dad in the sky that will get you out of all your troubles if you just ask, wish or pray enough. Like that is what is promised in the Bible for Him to heal me, so therefore He should just do it my way. Sounds like an old Frank Sinatra song. Oh, wait, no that is “I did it my way”. LOL. That is not God. His ways are higher than my ways, His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. Come to think about it, that is another scripture that used to really piss me off, excuse my French. O.k. I feel compelled to say that I know that is not a French word, but you get the idea. Geez. Do I have to keep explaining myself? Please stay light hearted with what I write, and don’t let anger get the best of you right now. That is what the enemy of our souls would have you do. Get angry about what I am writing so you do not hear the message.

God loves you more than anything you can imagine, but it may not feel like it during this process, in fact it probably won’t. And that is o.k.. WHAT? o.k.? Yes, the process is arduous and being a Christian does not mean life will be easier or greater in fact it may be just the opposite, but I have found that in the end He works it out and I have come to find greater joy than in having my body perfectly healed as I think it should be.

How in the world does He do it? I have no idea. It is my spirit man living in control of the body I suppose. Although I don’t know how I got here other than chasing after God with all my heart, which mostly involved going to a lot of classes through my church where I could be in His presence without having to do much at all. Just be there. So, it did involve the effort of getting dressed and getting to church at times. Other times it just involved choosing to listen to a teaching, I would get freedom laying in bed listening about the power and love of God.

He ordains the people preaching, I just have to tune into the channel to listen. Sorry, probably dating myself there, TVs needed to be tuned way back when and we are no different. We often need a tune up. In fact everyday I need a tune up. I find now I can’t live without talking to Him. I think I would be dead if I didn’t know God at this point. No exaggeration. The last 7 plus years of trials and tribulations beyond imagination are not lost on me, that only a God that created the universe could have gotten me through. Actually, that is true about all the years of my life.

So, please, don’t give up. Don’t stop trying to go to a Bible believing church to get fed the word, be loved on and find Him. He is the answer. HE always has been, always will be and make no mistake, He is the only answer we have out of this situation.

But, the parts of our soul that have been so wounded would rather have us stay mad at God. Blame him for the way the world was created. Why was the world created where such evil could proliferate? I don’t know, other than to say I guess if He were to keep control then we would all just really be robots. Does not sound so appealing when you think of it like that does it? You could not do what exactly you wanted because at any point, if the master of the universe wanted to change the situation, he could. On a whim.

So, I hope today you will take me up on my challenge to start using the oils that God has given us to help our bodies to heal, to give relief when nothing else can and to allow our brains to be opened up to let go of the trauma, to forgive others when there seems like no possible way, and to finally find the rest our souls so desperately long for. Ooops, I ended that sentence with a preposition. Will you keep on point here? lol. I am here for you. I honestly and deeply care that you get relief from the torment that I am intimately unfortunately all too familiar with. Oh crap, another preposition. I hope my mother does not read this article for many reasons, my grammar being one of them.
That’s right, I am not talking with my mother at the moment. That is another thing I have had to give over to God and trust that He has a plan. A plan bigger than my mind can understand, comprehend or create.

Thank you for reading this far, and once again I would like to offer for you to get started with me on this oily journey of healing your soul, your body, and your spirit. I used to think a spirit was always healthy, what I learned was that mine was crushed. So it is being revived one day at a time and quite honestly one oil at a time that helps to come in and reprogram the DNA that had been so badly mangled by a history of abuse handed down to the third and fourth generations. Yep, it is scriptural, that sin is handed down in the generations, and you may very well be suffering because of the sins of the fathers of the generations past.

Doesn’t seem fair? I know. I hear you. But that is how the DNA works, so I would recommend coming into a new generation of believers in Christ, He can give you a whole new start on life. But there is often a process involved. And for me it has been incredibly long but well worth it and I now am beginning to have an incredibly rich life in Jesus Christ where my heart is so full of gratitude I can’t really believe it. It goes against the natural ways of thinking. Considering the nightmare of abuse that was committed against me, this all does not make sense. But that is the wonder of God and His infinite love to right the wrongs and heal all the hurts from a world where free will is how it works.

Please don’t give up, I know I said it before but I think it bears repeating. This is a crazy hard journey but at the same time God has gotten me through in ways that I could not even necessarily explain to you. He loves you that deeply as well, even when it does not feel like it. God is not angry at you and He is not punishing you. These are consequences that come from living in a world with free will, like it or not.

So, what do you have to lose but a small amount of money compared to the large medical bills that have been pressing you? Please buy a Premium Starter Kit of Young Living oils with a diffuser so you can get some healing vapors flowing in your home, and give you rest and comfort. Getting the oils was the best thing that I ever did and I would not recommend you wait any longer to try it for yourself.

Much love, His grace and peace be with you,

Paula Baron

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