Second Chances: Entry #26. Will you please just read this entry? I can’t think of any more catchy one liners to write here. ;-)

What will it take to have you buy a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living Essential Oil Company? I tell you, it is hands down the best decision that I have ever made in my life, other than accepting Jesus Christ as my savior.
What is so great about this kit you ask? I’m glad you asked. There are 11 oils and a diffuser. Every single oil is useful in helping to support the body in natural ways.

The biggest problem we face in today’s world is toxic chemicals in medicinal remedies. What was designed to help can actually hurt you. The liver for example is overloaded with remnants from medicines as it was not meant to take as many nor for as long as we are often prescribed.

What happens is our liver is burdened by the toxic chemicals in our everyday lives by products that are made to be used on our bodies, in our hair and on our skin.
What will it take for you to realize that what was intended for your good is actually not. That’s right, not. good.

Hormone disruptors are the other major player in medicines as they are made today. Plasticizers called phalates are the biggest offender by far. My son actually took a medicine for his digestion for the first 7 years of his life and he began to have stomach aches after every single meal. Of course I attributed it to the diagnoses of Cystic Fibrosis but what it turned out to be was a problem with the phalates that coated the pills he took.
How do I know this? The day I stopped giving him the medicine, the stomach aches went away. Immediately. So now, I am left with a job of working on cleaning out his system because the harm has already been done. I, much like you, kept thinking, well surely my doctor would not prescribe a medicine that would be harmful to my child. Nope. The line by the clinic dietician was something like, we have no reason to believe there is a problem with phalates. It is so hard to know who to believe in this world. And actually I believe that she believed what she was saying, after all that was probably what has been said to her in training.

So, I don’t fault the medical system, I fault the training of the medical system. Made to help but now actually doing more harm quite often than good. “Practicing medicine” is called “practicing medicine” for a reason. There often are no answers for what seems like there should be some. Take Fibromyalgia for instance. Catch all diagnoses? You decide. I was given that diagnoses years ago by a well meaning physician but I didn’t really walk away with better information at that point, just knew that I had some mystery illness that had been given a label now. Great, I thought. I have fibromylagia. Why? Why did I have fibromyalgia?

One day about 7 years ago I was actually home by myself, which was extremely rare. My second son was finally in a Mom’s day out program so I could have a day of rest, as I was pretty sick for years actually, following the birth of my son. You see, what happens when survivors of childhood sexual abuse give birth is a trigger somehow of the system in our brains that tells us there is a problem. The problem has been given a label by doctor’s of “post partum depression” or “the baby blues”. Depression. A serious black hole you do not want to fall into or else you may find it extremely hard to ever climb out. Trust me. I have been there, done that, helped write the manual.

Children need to be loved in those first years and what better way for the enemy of our souls to hurt the children but to create a distraction so powerful that the mother is not able to love her own child like she would have had it not been for this debilitating mental condition called the baby blues.What happens is you are so pulled into your own misery that the needs of your baby are overwhelming. You begin to resent the baby if not consciously then subconsciously. The baby then has anxiety and wets the bed for years past the time that he should have been potty trained. Yep, true story. Have a bed wetter? That might be the problem. Lack of nurturing love to the point of being insecure in his own bed at night.

What I am not trying to do here is scare you but inform you. Doctors do not have the answers to everything but the answers to some things. Who is your creator? What is His desire for you? For you to be well.

Free of the toxic ingredients put into today’s products, both medicinally and in household products. Soap is probably one of the worst offenders. Filled with parabens that clog pores and interrupt the hormones, it is criminal that these ingredients were allowed to be put in our products today. Many products that we purchase today for our hair are also filled with parabens and combined with another toxic chemical called sodium laurel sulfate. It is a binder. Do you really want it binding to things in your body? Because that is what it will do if you continue to use it on your hair, skin and nails. Yes, I said nails. What are you feeding your nails? More artificial toxic chemical compounds in the name of looking pretty? It is an expensive price in today’s world of beauty.

I must get back to you now. My son and my husband are both sick. Why? Medicine is partly at fault here. So many medicines given with the intent to help but end up causing a secondary problem often worse than the first. Did you know that sleep medicines often only increased the sleep period by 1.5 hours? And have a disabling effect of causing depression and anxiety so much so that you are having trouble functioning? Yes, you read that right. My husband is not functioning emotionally at this point because of so many toxic meds that go straight to the liver to be broken down but they cannot be. Toxic. That’s right, I said it.

What do you want from me to get this premium starter kit from Young Living Essential oils? It is not a cure but a process to get towards a cure. It is a huge step in eliminating the toxic “yuk” present in our products today.

It breaks my heart, the way I used to trust the doctor and the consumer purchases. I really thought my government had my back and was screening all items that were able to be purchased in a store. Who knew that was the furthest from the truth.

Let’s get going now. Seriously, join me on this toxic chemical free journey towards a better state of health. If you follow these steps on the little list, you will be so amazed and sad that you waited so long to try this out with my help. I am here for you, supporting you all the way in this decision to help yourself and your family. Don’t let another day go by to sign up. Will you please? Pretty please? with sugar on top. That is what I would say as a kid.

Much love from me and my Daddy. Yes, my Father, God of the Universe.

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