Second Chances: Entry #15 Go See Cal

Seriously? Really? I mean, what is it going to take child? I have already told you that I cannot give you my children, and that I am going to run out of money. What else can I say or do? Stand on my head until my ears turn red? Go see Cal, Go see Cal, Go see Cal! Ooops, sorry, guess I am dating myself. Anyone else remember that stupid commercial of the used car salesmen named Cal? He had the big tiger and did all sorts of ridiculous things to try and get you to come buy a used car from him.
Well, I am not Cal and I am not going to stand on my head. But I might be praying for you. Yes, indeed. That is what I will do. No one can stop me from praying.
Much love from the Father of Lights and me, Paula Baron

Now, here is the little list again in case you need it. Please. Don’t. Wait. Any. Longer. Best. Essential. Oils. Ever.