Next Steps: Entry #6

A little info about the company…

Young Living is a company of the greatest integrity and the highest quality of products you will find hands down. It has members from all around the world, so don’t worry, we can probably get you the oils that you need to begin your healing journey.
And not only do we produce and sell great oils, but also oil infused supplements, bath, beauty, cleaning and food products, as well as a baby care and animal care line.
To become a member of the greatest oil company on earth I have detailed step by step directions below, numbered to keep it simple, trust me I understand brain fog. 🙂
Much love to you, and peace as well. God wants you well child, He really really does. Go order now, I am here to help and want you to find the relief that I have. I am in the midst of making videos that will be finished shortly to further guide you in this journey to health. Don’t wait. Healing can be had for pain that seems like there is no hope.
Trust me, I know it too well.

Here is your list of “Next Steps”, print it out if it helps!  😉

Click on this link when you are ready to start the ordering process:
1. Keep the box checked that says Membership, this will get you 24% off your purchase for life and the membership is free when you buy the Premium Starter Kit needed for this oils journey. There is no further commitment to purchase anything ever, unless you want to.  🙂

2. Agree to have me as your sponsor and enroller (Paula Michelle Baron- my number 1996131 should already be entered for you)

3. Order a Premium Starter Kit by choosing which diffuser you want. The Dew Drop diffuser is already checked and is great to start with.

4. Add on the four oils (Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Bergamot and Cedarwood) to go with the starter kit used to make the special pelvic health mixtures. Do this by clicking on “customize your kit” OR “add additional products.” I highly recommend the option to click on “customize your kit” and add the four oils because this gets you on our monthly rewards program right away*, which with today’s order will give you $17.50 towards free product (if you order the kit and 4 oils) on your next quick order, and a free five ml orange essential oil, great for emotional support.

*Essential Rewards is a monthly program which I highly recommend trying for 90 days.  At the end of that, see if you are satisfied with the changes in your well being and the rebates and freebies you get! You can cancel at anytime with zero cost. There is nothing to lose. It is a great way to start off the New Year with hope for change.

5. Finish your order by creating a username, password, 4 digit PIN. You will be given an option of whether or not to give your social security number. You don’t have to, that is for people interested in the business side of Young Living.  If you want, I will help get you the tools and resources to learn, run and grow a business that helps others with wellness!

6. Choose your shipping, form of payment, etc. and confirm your order. Whew! You did it! Congratulations, I believe this is the best decision you could possibly make for your spiritual, emotional and physical health.

Now will you please send me a message via the “Contact Me” tab on my website with the following info?  😉  Thank you so much!

Please tell me:

  • Your top three health goals (and a bit about you if you don’t mind)

  • that you ordered your Premium Starter kit from Young Living through my site.

  • if you need me to send you the “bridge kit”. This is the “bridge kit” I mentioned earlier that contains 5 sample mixtures made with 8 different essential oils valued at $30 but I send it to you for only $10.  This will get tools and oils in your hands right away.

  • your shipping address where you want me to send you the bridge kit

  • preferred way for contact (phone, text, e-mail, PM) and best e-mail address.

  • I will send you an invoice easily payable online through PayPal (you don’t have to have a PayPal account).

Thank you so much for trusting me with this oils journey! Grace, healing and peace to you,

Please be sure to join in order to learn how to use your oils safely for the pelvic floor. And “friend me” on FB so I can add you to our other sister secret oil groups that will help you know how to use the oils AND learn about promos, products and specials.

Thank you Thank you Thank you for trusting me with your path to wellness.  It helps to have a community to come alongside with and support one another.  Hope you find that in my FB group called Sample Hope with Paula Baron.

Love, in Him,