Second Chances: Entry #27 Say what?…

What is that you say? You can’t afford this little kit? Really? But Starbucks is o.k.?

And going to Target and dropping $150 bones on well, stuff you may not have even needed, but just picked up on your way to the grocery department is o.k.?

I used to think I could not afford this stuff either. Nice non-toxic all natural products. But then I discovered that Young Living has a neat little program they call Essential Rewards.

What is that you say? Well, I’m glad you asked! It is a program that offers to give you money back on every single purchase by giving you points on the purchases you make. These points are then cashed in for free product. Just the price of shipping. That’s it. No obligation to do this forever, you can cancel at anytime but for trying it for three months, I will actually give you an awesome little car diffuser called “Misty”. Yep, you read that right, my gift to you for getting a Premium Starter kit and joining our monthly program for just three months. What do you have to lose?

Three months. If after that time you are not in love with our products, then you can still get the car diffuser from me and you could cancel your monthly shipping program.

SO. Have I tempted you yet? Free is good. Money back towards free product with every purchase is good.

What do you want now? An engraved invitation?

Click on this list and get started already! You will be so so so happy that you did! I promise! Get going now, you can do this! I know you can!