Second Chances: Entry #24.  Dear People…

Dear People,


Well, He is the one orchestrating all these crazy posts, so I guess you could say it is an act of God. Hmph. Got you on that one, didn’t I. Or should I say, didn’t He? O.k. well, I will let you think on that one for a moment. Meanwhile I will go back to praying for you to trust that He has your back in all this.

He does not want you to suffer any more. God wants you well child. He really really does. Trust me on this.

Love, from the Father of Lights and me, Paula Baron, former Physical Therapist turned avid essential oil enthusiast and maker of these little sample bridge kits that will help you to get started a.s.a.p. no matter where you live.

See, I have this handy postal meter at home so I can mail them without even leaving the house. Yup. It’s true. He is a good good Father, helping me every step of the way to bring these oils to you.

Love you much. Now please please click on the link. I promise you that you will not be sorry. No, no, not sorry in the least.   Paula Baron P.T.

Here are some pictures of the bridge sample kit that I send you for a mere $10 when you purchase your starter kit from Young Living.  That is pretty much the price of the postage and the containers, I donate the oils in this little kit.