Second Chances Entry #23: Wow, are you going to make a liar out of me?

O.k. so the last few entries were not REAAAALY my last and final offers, but this one might could be. That is another thing they say here in Texas, might could. Very strange, this Texas lingo. So, well I might could give you one more offer, but I am not sure at this point what will persuade you.

Could it be that you just need to do it and see for yourself?

Yes, I believe so.

Just do it.

Oh shoot, someone else has already taken that slogan. Just do it. Catchy.

O.k. signing off now, with much love from me and my Father of Lights. He is the best.

Don’t believe a word you are saying!  You CAN do this!  Click, click, click.  See, I knew you could do it!  lol.  😉 Love, Paula Baron