Second Chances: Entry #20 What do you want me to do now?

O.k. here is where it gets interesting. My sons want to know if you will just sign up, they will actually do a river dance for you. Yep, on a FB live, I will have them do a jig. They both have red hair (Irish roots here!) and are really really cute. I just hope that they don’t want to kill me after making this offer. But really, I will ask them if they will do a jig. I am not promising anything here mind you. I WILL ask them though.
O.k. so now that you have the deal of the century, will you just do it already? Click. Click. Click. I love you!
Love from the Father of Lights and me,
Paula Baron

Here is that handy little list! Click Click Click. Come on now, I want to see my sons do a jig too!