Second Chances: Entry #14 What’s it going to take?

So, here we are again. Hmph. Well, I can’t keep boosting these FB posts or else I am going to run out of money. I really do love you, you know. I love people. I have a heart for the ones hurting, especially for the ones who are hurting. I have been there and done that for so many years. Years, yes years. God has let me go through this trial and I believe it is partly so I can help you. Yes, you. You matter. Your life matters. It is so important that you don’t give up, so that you can help others who are hurting as well. We all have to stick together. Please. Order your Premium Starter Kit from Young Living now and you won’t be sorry. I promise. I really really do. Thank you in advance. I love you. Don’t give up. That is the last thing that you should do, is give up. There is a lot to live for, and this kit will help you beyond what you might think.
Much love to you, from The Father of Lights, and me.

Paula Baron