Second Chances: Entry#7 When will you begin?

Getting started was the hardest part. Using dilators to stretch vaginal tissues was extremely helpful in the beginning stages of pelvic floor therapy. Icing after appointments was mandatory and not walking on inclines was another factor. Extreme care went into getting the area calmed down as much as possible from a physical standpoint, then there came the emotional, spiritual sides of my vagina. You see, when so much trauma occurs to an area that is so delicate it disrupts the entire area around it. Think of it, how many women do you know with vulvodynia that also have IC, pelvic floor dysfunction and unexplained pelvic pain.

Repeated bladder infections are the norm and not ever explained as a part of trauma. Ever heard the expression I was so scared I wet my pants? The bladder is an intricate part of the emotional seat. When there is pain or nervousness, the buttocks tighten up, bringing up the pelvic floor, causing the urinary tract to be pinched off so that urine backs up into the ureters, causing an infection from incomplete emptying of the bladder.

What will you do to help calm down the area in the seat of your emotions? Essential oils diffused is a start, and applying them topically over the lady parts with a carrier oil such as grapeseed, coconut or jojoba oil is extremely relieving. If you haven’t heard though, only the best oils in the world are what I would deem safe to use in such delicate areas that require not only purity but also power to do the job they were designed for: oils set up the environment for the body to heal itself.

Getting good results with oils is not hard but it is not easy. There cannot be any fear mixed into the usage or you come out with less than optimal results. Using the oils can be pleasant and also innovative, when discovering new ways and new combinations.

The best way that I have found to use oils is to pray first. Yes, you read that right, pray first. Stop, wait, listen with intention to hear. He wants you better and the use of oils is a part of what He gave us to get there. It is not always a pill or a magic wand like I kept wanting. So when I finally started listening every single time I would use an oil, the results were no less than amazing. Not a cure all, but oh my goodness, such relief.

What would you like to know about the oils? I have a set of videos coming up and a Facebook group with wonderful education meant for my team members to learn about the products and also safe usage.

When will you take the leap of faith required to step outside the conventional medicine box? It will be well worth it I promise, if you use the oils in manners that I describe and pray. That’s it for now. Thanks for reading. Go to and click on “Get Started Today” to get a kit that has 11 powerful oils and a solid diffuser that will give off heavenly vapors. I’m available for questions should you have any, send me a PM on FB, or an e-mail through my website. I want to help you find the path to healing that I am on. Let me.

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