Next Steps to Healing

Have you ever wanted freedom so bad you could taste it?  Like a drink of water in the thirsty parched dry land of a desert?  That is what freedom is like to a dying soul, a soul parched and dying for the water that only God can give. The water of healing from His Holy Spirit. But how do you get Him to come into the places that so desperately need healing? The first instruction I received from the Holy Spirit was “Bind and loose. Bind and loose.” Those are Jesus’ words in Matthew 18:18 that speak of using the keys to the Kingdom, the keys of binding your mind, will and emotions to Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, and loosing the unmet needs, the unhealed hurts and the unresolved issues from your soul, so that God can come and shine his light in you and heal you so that the enemy no longer has an access point in your soul to torment you. Torment that can impact the mind, will and emotions. Binding and loosing is an important tool to use on the journey towards freedom, but God had more to teach me in order for me to approach complete healing. (More about this later.)

“Be still,” I heard. “How can I be still?” I would question. I have always been so aware of the pain and anxiety I live with while trying to function at home or in the community that I just never seemed to feel at rest or at peace. Wow, what a journey I’m on. I had sought healing for so much of my life, but not until the revelation of childhood sexual abuse did I finally start getting to the root of a whole host of strange symptoms.

This part of my journey began with the realization that parts of my brain held memories that were fragmented from “me.” God designed human souls with the capacity to fragment in order to protect children from consciously reliving memories of horrendous traumas. So, in God’s timing, I was led to a ministry that uses brain mapping, using color to show where particular kinds of memories were being stored. After I colored a brain map, I was told to talk to these colors, or parts, of my brain, asking questions to help unwind the confusion and torment trapped in my inner being, in my soul. Crazy, you think? I thought so too, but it seems to be the only answer that has allowed me to actually make contact with parts of my soul that were so badly fractured through abuse.

Ever see the cartoon image of the guy with a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other? Ever been told that you are hearing one of three voices: yours, the enemy’s or God’s? Well, I concur, there are those three voices, but I have found that it is not as simple as just one me. There are different parts of me, each one stunted at different levels of growth by trauma and neglect, and struggling to be heard. Often quite selfish and immature. If you find it hard to follow directions or obey rules, or to read the Word, there may be parts of your will that are not under your command, so to speak. You might question whose voice you are listening to. If you are like me, these fractured parts influence your decisions, but you don’t understand why, or know how to change. If you identify with this, you may also have a fragmented soul.

But don’t despair, there is hope for the wounded soul to be repaired and restored so that you are “one”…. whole, complete, lacking in nothing. Healed!

Come with me on a journey to heal your soul. Health and wellness is the main focus of this website, and this blog is to assist you, my readers, to get the healing of your soul that you so desperately desire, and thus the healing of your body as well. God wants you well, child. He really does.