“I love you”, there I said it. Entry #10

So what’s it going to take?

Seriously. I love you. I want you well. (here He goes again).

What will it take for you to click on the list of instructions at the end of this post and make a fresh start for 2019. The year is getting old already. 😉

What did you do this past year? Did it really make a difference with what you are dealing with? Trust me, I know. I have been there for too many years. Why not try something that someone like me knows works? 🙂

This is it, I can’t keep boosting these posts if you don’t order. 😉 Seriously though, I want you well. Life can be better. Don’t believe a lie that the enemy of your soul wants you to, that this is your lot in life. This is just how it is. Nothing can touch this condition.

God wants you well child. No ifs, ands, or buts. Or should that be butts. LOL. Sorry, I am not giving my editor time to read these posts before I, well, post them. 🙂

What’s it going to take? I love you. I have been there. I am for you. This is not a game. Click on the link to order today. Get yourself a “bridge sample kit” from me to help you know how to get started with oils. It is a really great little sampler kit that has 4 mixtures that can be applied to all of the lady bits, the back and the IT bands. Trust me, it will help you.

There I said it, one last time. I love you. I’m so so deeply sorry you have had so much suffering. It is awful, I know it too well.

Why not click on this great little list of instructions? Will you do it now please? Thank you. 😉

Next Steps: Entry #6

O.k. I’m waiting. I’m here for you. Click. Click. Click. You can do this! Your Father loves you. I promise. Hugs to you, gentle ones, I know the ones that are too tight actually hurt. Been there. Done that. Click now please. Thank you very much.
Much love to you, from the Father of Lights and me,

Paula Baron
Here’s the list again in case you need it: