Entry #9: Where did you go?

What are you waiting for? Seriously. I want to help you succeed in getting well. Sometimes God puts people in our path that can only be for one reason. To help us. That is me. A helper by nature and an oiler by trade.

Getting well will not be easy but it can be done. Following a narrow pathway is what it takes. Believe me I know. Go get your Premium Starter Kit from Young Living now child. Sorry, don’t mean to speak down to you, when I write it really is what I sense in my heart that the Lord is saying. His heart for you. He calls me child too. It is a sweet thing, not a condescending thing.

It is way past New Years and actually I don’t even tend to make New Year’s resolutions, but why not make one to yourself this year that you are going to love yourself and work on getting well with the help from someone who has been there and actually is still a bit in process herself but oh so much better than when all this started 8 years ago. Yep, 8 years of this hell. But I will not give up and neither should you. I love you. No matter what you have done or who you are, I love you. Yep, I said that even though I have never met you. I absolutely love people and ache for them and all that they have gone through. Your story may not be exactly like my story but I bet there would be similar threads that we could share and understand one another.

Don’t give up please. Please, don’t give up. There is hope. HIs name is Jesus Christ and his Father has made a medicine called love. We need it, we all need it. I promise you this is not just an empty invitation for healing. Will you give me a chance to help you?

Much love to you. Much grace and peace to you from the Father of Lights, the only one who can heal your soul which will finally bring peace to your body, mind and spirit.



Paula Baron


For a hopefully easy set of instructions to follow 😉  please click here: http://pureliving316.com/next-steps-entry-6/